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January 5, 2020  

21st Century #50 | Why the Redemption Seems to Take So Long

Given 1/4/2020 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin

We apologize for the music in the background. There was a siyum hashas celebration going on in the room across the hall. | Glossary

December 22, 2019  

The Essence of Chanukah (2016)

Rabbi Kessin did not give a shiur (class) last night as he is out of town. He will not be giving a shiur this coming week either. He plans on resuming Motzei Shabbos (Saturday night), December 4th. 

December 15, 2019  

Who is God? Part 2

Given 12/14/19 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin | Glossary

December 8, 2019  

Who is God? Part 1

Given by Rabbi Mendel Kessin on 12/7/19

Although this shiur (class) is part of a dedicated series, it covers material from the missing shiurim at the beginning of the Derech Hashem series.

The material not covered here is the Hakdama (introduction), in which the Ramchal summarizes his method of systematic learning & retention of material. Rabbi Kessin has dedicated videos of this method in videos and playlists on this channel. | Glossary

December 1, 2019  

21st Century #49 | The Era Before Mashiach

Given 11/30/19 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin | Glossary

November 24, 2019  
November 17, 2019  
November 10, 2019  
November 3, 2019  
October 6, 2019  

Shiur from Rabbi Kessin about Yom Kippur in Teshuvah

Amazing shiur given in 2017 by Rabbi Kessin that gives insight on what teshuva & Yom Kippur are all about fundamentally. Hint: It's not fundamentally about correcting aveiros / sins. 

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