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September 23, 2021  

Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #66 | Sukkot: Our Guarantee Into the Future World

Given 9/23/2021 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin

September 13, 2021  

Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #65 | Teshuvah: Returning to God

Given 9/13/2021 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin

September 6, 2021  

Special Rosh Hashana message from Rabbi Kessin

Ksiva Vachasima Tova

It should be a blessed year for all Jews and the entire world. We should be able to see the Mashiach (Messiah) this year.

- Rabbi Mendel Kessin

August 16, 2021  
July 22, 2021  
July 18, 2021  

Tisha B’Av: Why we mourn

As tonight & tomorrow are Tisha B'Av, we present a shiur (class) given by Rabbi Kessin (in 2017) about the essence of this tragic day in the Jewish Calendar.

May 11, 2021  

Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #48 | Sefira and the Redemption - Part 2

Given 5/10/21 by Rabbi Mendel KEssin

April 27, 2021  

Weekly Hashkafa Shiur #46 | Pesach Sheni & Lag BaOmer

Given 4/26/21 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Rabbi Kessin is planning on continuing the last shiur (class) (Part 2) next week.

April 26, 2021  

The Pnimiyus / Essence of Lag BaOmer

Given in 5778 by Rabbi Mendel Kessin

March 23, 2021  
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